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The Nigerian Healthcare Foundation Inc. asks you to join us in our mission to stop the deterioration of Nigeria due to problems such as poverty, hunger, and disease. Lend a helping hand and we will show you how you can change a life. We urge you to continuously update yourself with our latest news and upcoming events. With the constant support of you and other caring, concerned people, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation will receive the help needed to keep our operations running successfully.

Since its inception, NHF has worked tirelessly towards ameliorating the health condition in rural Nigeria where access to basics such as healthcare, education, and proper hygiene options are limited or severely restricted. Our goal is to drastically improve not only the health conditions in Nigeria but also the state of social welfare. On our two-week medical missions we estimate receiving visits from nearly 400 patients a day – 95% are individuals from remote areas who would never have otherwise received medical attention because it is either inaccessible or costly.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to having you join us in our efforts!

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