Nigeria Smiles Campaign

Nigeria Smiles Campaign

Throughout the year, NHF runs the Nigeria Smiles Campaign to collect much needed medical, hygiene, and school supplies to distribute to the patients that visit our temporary clinic over the course of the mission.  Any individual, group, or corporation that is interested in being a part of the mission may implement this community service initiative and is encouraged to do so.

NHF has identified different target populations that we focus on:  infants/toddlers (up to 2 years); children (3-12 years); teenagers/young adults (13-20); and, adults (men and women over 21 years). Sample items for donation include:

Hygiene Medical Supplies School supplies
Toothpaste and toothbrush Medicine Note Books
Bar Soap Vitamins Pens/Pencils
Deodorant Medical Equipment Book Bags (new/mint condition)
Scented Lotion First Aid Materials Age-appropriate reading books

Note: Unfortunately, we do not accept clothes because it is very difficult to distribute. Exceptions will be made for items provided to us in bulk (i.e. t-shirts, company paraphernalia… etc). If we are unable to use your donation it will be donated to a worthy non-profit organization in New York or New Jersey.

How to Host a Campaign
To host a drive please register here to receive important information. Advertise to your friends, family, place of worship, or colleagues. Host a Campaign!

Donate supplies via our registries below: