Our History

Our History

Dr. Iwuozo L. Obilo, a board certified pediatrician, is the visionary of the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Born in the southeast region of Nigeria and with much of his family still in his homeland, Dr. Obilo has a vested interest in the problems faced by Nigerians and Africans in general.  Here we highlight the organizations important milestones:


1995 – In the late summer of Dr. Obilo, accompanied by his family, set out on a medical mission with the aim of bringing much needed relief to sick and wounded individuals in the towns near his birthplace.

1995 – In the process of doing so he met with hundreds of patients who came from far and wide in desperate need of medicine and medical assistance. The experience was stressful and emotional for Dr. Obilo, but above all rewarding.

2001 – Dr. Obilo completed his second medical mission and upon his return, decided to expand and progress his projects by forming the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation, Inc. with plans of reaching much more of the suffering population in Nigeria.

2005 – Dr. Obilo started to strategically develop the organization, and brought on a Volunteer Executive Director and an active Board of Directors.

2006 – NHF Inc. had its Launching Banquet to enlighten and entertain their supporters. NHF also departed on their first Journey with all the changes and a Mission Team of 5.

2007 – On the 2007 Mission NHF broke a record and was able to see over 1,000 patients during their mission!

2008 – NHF traveled with the largest team to date, which included 13 team members. In the United Nations Economic & Social Council’s session of July 2008, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation was granted Roster Consultative duty.

2009 – NHF partnered with UNICEF in Nigeria and worked with a team of Nurses and Doctors from Imo State.